2014 - 2015 Club News

(Mid April 2014 to Mid April 2015)

All Items By Eddie Hawkins, Press Officer, Braintree Bowling Club


2014 September

lnternal Club League (Avian League) and Captain's Teams versus Vice Captain's Teams

Avian Captains v Vice Captain teams 2014Now that the Summer season has drawn to a close, Braintree Bowls club, have concluded their members Outdoor  Internal Triples League,  aka the Avian League, which comprises of 10  teams  with bird names , made up of 3 playing members each week,  from a total of 6 members, who rotate on a weekly basis throughout the season.

All the matches are played on a Friday evening, with teams collecting 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and nothing for a loss.

This is an ideal competition for all members, especially the new players, as it is a social rather than an over   competitive competition, giving the inexperienced players a taste of playing alongside more established players in the club. Thus, enhancing their own ability and knowledge of the game.

This year’s winners were the Falcons accumulating 36 points with their playing members - Gill Costin, Eric Hockley, John Laidlaw, Chris Long, Keith Hunter and Brian Todd.

The Runner-Ups were the Swifts with 32 points with playing members - Trevor Bottrill, Rita Dodd, Eddie Hawkins, Archie Leverell, Sylvia Spratling and Peter Tagg.

Last Saturday the club had the end of season Captain versus Vice Captain competition which was well supported by 36 players engaged in a triples competition over six rinks. The outcome became somewhat irrelevant   as everyone enjoyed their respective matches as more of a socialising event than competitions.


2015 February

PDQ Cars Trophy - Colchester Indoor Bowls Club

PDQ Trophy Silver End on left and Braintree on rightLike all sporting, local derbies, between Braintree Bowling Club and Silver End Bowling Club, this was an entertaining match with a keenly respectful rivalry between these two successful Outdoor Bowling Clubs.

The competition is for Clubs who do not have their own indoor bowling facilities, relying on their outdoor bowling skills to be reflected on the much faster indoor carpets. This competition was played on the first class facilities at Colchester Indoor Bowling club.

The actual competition is based on three groups of bowlers - pairs, triples and fours, Nine competing bowlers from each club. The club that wins two matches takes the competition, if each team win one, then the total scores are added up over the three games to decide the outright winner.

Silver End had already beaten West End Bowling club in the previous round, whereas Braintree had been given a bye into this quarter final stage.

Though Braintree were slower off the mark,  they battled on and as with most bowls games the result isn't known until the final skip's bowl has settled.  This seemed to be the general overall picture for each end, in each match, when Braintree would find themselves several shots up, only for the opposing skip to nullify this by taking the shot wood with his final bowl.

As the games progressed, Silver Ends margin of winning shots was gradually reduced but to no avail at the final 21 ends of each game. Praise must be given to the players who stepped in at the last moment for the Braintree Team and their contribution was greatly appreciated.

The final results where: Pairs - Drawn - Silver End 18 v Braintree - 18, Braintree Players - Malcolm Stark and Eddie Hawkins, Triples - Silver End Winners - Silver End 27 v Braintree 9, Braintree Players - Olive Hawkins, Peter Chesley and Martin Law, Fours - Silver End Winners - Silver End 21 v Braintree 16, Braintree Players - Derek Hardy, Rob Doleman, Dave Hart and Dave Barker


2015 March

Indoor Bowls - Braintree v Clacton

Braintree v Clacton Indoor 2015 MarchAs a preview to the new outdoor season, commencing in mid- April, Braintree Bowling Club, whose 24 playing team members are predominately outdoor bowlers, took on, probably one of the strongest Indoor Bowling clubs in Essex, Clacton Indoor Bowling Club at Clacton in a friendly competition.

As well as the  longer serving Braintree  bowlers, this was a good experience for the newer members of the Braintree Club,   as the faster indoor  carpet bowling surface can prove to be a very challenging affair  to master, compared to the slower grass rinks outdoors, that the visiting players are used to.  

Clacton's teams, on five of the six rinks took early leads as the Braintree players gradually got used to the weight and line of the bowls on the quick resilient surface, to reach the jack.  Once the visitors had accustomed and corrected their bowling action the scores became more respectable, but still in the majority favour of the hosts.

With the friendly competitions played over 21 ends on all 6 rinks, Clacton Indoor bowlers won on 4 rinks against the valiant efforts of the outside bowlers from Braintree, taking the honours on the other two rinks.

The final all over score was Clacton 146 shots to Braintree's 83 shots.  The Braintree Winning Teams Players were: Martin Law, Derek Hardy, Carl Cheetham and Brian Todd - Winning 22 shots to 15 shots, Gill Costin, Paul Bromley, Olive Hawkins and Peter Chesley - Winning 25 shots to 11 shots. 

The hospitality shown by the home team was much appreciated by the Braintree players who are hoping to take on Clacton in an outdoor friendly match later in the year.


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