2021 - 2022 Club News

(Mid April 2021 to Mid April 2022)

Braintree Bowling Club


2021 July

Fixed Jack Competition - 24th July 2021

Fixed Jack Players 2


Fixed Jack Finalists


Fixed Jack Finalists 2


Fixed Jack Finalists 3

Fixed Jack Finalists 5

Congratulations to Keith Rixon who won the 2021 Fixed Jack competition and well done to Jason Neale for reaching the finals.


2021 August

Tribble Triples Competition - 1st August 2021

Braintree Bowling Club held its annual Tribble Triples Competition named after 3 brothers and prominent businessmen in the town during the Inter War years.  Harry Tribble (grocer), Dick Tribble (Saddle maker) and Percy Tribble (butcher) were all members of the Club which won the Essex County Shield Competition in 1933.  They donated the trophies to be played for on an annual basis.  A fun day was enjoyed by all participants


Tribble Triples 2

The significant aspect being that Evie Mills is 12 years of age and Tom Rackley is 94 years of age.  Proving that this is a sport for all ages and abilities.  Tom would have been 7 when the Tribble brothers won the County Shield in 1933. 


 Tribble Triples Finalists



Right: Finaists - John Laidlaw, Les Crow and Evie Mills.



 The eventual winners on the day were:

Tom Rackley

 Eddie Hawkins Eddie
Chris Panther  Chris


 Tribble Triples


2021 September

Group 2 Memorial Shield - 5th September 2021

Congratulations to our team on winning the Memorial Shield, played at Silver End.

Memorial Shield Team

Left to Right: Andy Beatty, Dave Threadgold, Rob Doleman, Graham Thompson, Tony Heales, Keith Rixon, Jason Neale, Paul Costin

Mem Shield 1   Mem Shield 2
Mem Shield 3
Mem Shield 4   Mem Shield 7
Mem Shield 5
Mem Shield 6
 Mem Shield 8    Mem Shield 9


Finals Weekend - 11th - 12th September 2021


Finals Weekend
Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th 2021

Daniel Robinson Self-Select Pairs
 Daniel Robinson

T Skingley & C Panther (Winners)                R Dodd & K Hunter (Finalists)

Hunnable Cup Gents Singles


 L Hopkins (Finalist)  J Heffernan (Winner)    


Keith Hunt Open Singles

Keith Hunt

A Beatty (Winner)    I Norgett (Finalist) 

Loving Cup Open Pairs

Loving Cup

Left - G Easterbrook & R Taylor (Winners)

RightD Gibbons & C Cheetham (Finalists)


Mather Handicap Open Singles


J Heffernan (Finalist)    C Panther (Winner)  

Nicholls 2 Wood Open Singles


L Hopkins (Winner)    T Heales (Finalist)


Novices Cup Gents Singles


R Jones (Finalist)   S Wilkinson (Winner)

Random Open Pairs

Random Pairs

Left - D Hunt & R Taylor (Winners)

Right - K Hunter & T Cannon


Veterans Cup Gents Singles

Random Pairs

E Sutton (Finalist)  A Beatty (Winner)