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2022 June

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Fun Day

Braintree Bowling Club had a busy Platinum Jubilee weekend.  On Friday 3 June members of the Club dressed up in their red, white and blue finery and got together to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a Fun Day.  Her Majesty (albeit in cardboard form) was in attendance for the whole day which began with the National Anthem. 

Random teams were selected for light-hearted games of “Killer Bowls” and “Target Bowls”.  The overall winners were Keith Rixon (Killer Bowls) and Tony Skingley (Target Bowls), both of whom were presented with glasses which were kindly donated by Richard Dodd, Club Secretary.  Later in the afternoon there was a barbecue, patriotic music and a singalong.

Fun Day 3 June 

A Good VIBE to Celebrate the Jubilee Weekend

The Fun Day was followed on Saturday 4 June with a match against players from Visually Impaired Bowls England (“VIBE”).  VIBE is a charity that exists to promote the sport of Lawn Bowls for people who have a visual impairment, from complete novices to players of international standard.  This is the seventh year that VIBE has put a team together to play against Braintree and the first time the match has resumed since the Covid pandemic. 

The VIBE team comprised of players from all around the country and this year participants travelled from as far afield as Nottingham, Gloucester and Norfolk.  They are all extremely proficient players and play using verbal instructions from the Skip.  These instructions indicate the distance the bowl is from the jack and also the position of the bowl in relation to the jack based on a clockface.  A total of four triples games were played and the result was extremely close with Braintree winning 1 game, drawing 2 and losing 1.  A buffet lunch followed the match and a raffle raised just over £200 for VIBE funds. 

2022 VIBE 5 June


2022 August
Ken Chine Memorial

Ken Chine A
Ken Chine B
Ken Chine C
Ken Chine C1
Ken Chine D

Widdop Cup Final

Team 1
Widdop Team 1A Widdop Team 1B
Widdop Team 1C Widdop Team 1D
Team 2
Widdop Team 2A Widdop Team 2B
Widdop Team 2C Widdop Team 2D


2023 January
Tom Rackley's 97th Birthday Party






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