External Comps (Gents) Explained

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General Information

Individual Entry:

The external competitions are to be entered by the competitor(s) under their own name. They still represent Braintree, but the matches are arranged by the players (or by the competition itself).

Key Terms:


A badge is awarded to a bowler after representing Essex in five consecutive seasons.  This is a significant achievement because of the length of time it takes to achieve such an award.


One of the eight competing subgroups within Essex.  Braintree is a member of Group 2.


Home venue of the National Championships for outdoor bowls.  It is a great achievement simply to qualify for Leamington.

Please note: 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of competitions, nor should it be interpreted as an official rulebook.  This is simply a very brief rundown of some of the competitions bowlers compete for every year across Essex.  

If this encourages you to consider entry, or you wish to find out more, please visit these websites:

For National updates: www.bowlsengland.com

For County updates: www.ecba.co.uk

For Group 2 updates: www.ecbagroup2.teamapp.com

For NWE updates: www.nweba.org.uk

For CMBL updates: www.sites.google.com/site/cmblbowls1968/home

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